Gifts4Points is one of my favorite sites out on the web today. The primary reason for this is that it allows me to get whatever I want for free, particularly though Gifts4Points is a GPT site which stands for "Get Paid To".

Now I will explain how a GPT site works. Generally in a GPT site you complete offers/surveys to accumulate points (I will go into how to complete offers later on in the page). You are able to get paid because the companies that give the offers pay the GPT site, which in turn will pay you a percentage of what they get.

If you interested please click on the banners above or below and sign up, or you can sign up here:

Now on to the good stuff!

How to Complete Offers
Note that this is basically the same for every GPT- Survey/Offer Site.

There is three basic steps to every offer.

1. The Sign Up Page
Most offers right off the bat ask you to put in your email address and then personal information. Remember it is a good idea to make a new email address every few offers because the companies that offer 'offers' store your email address and probably won't credit you again if your email address is already in their database. Also every offer you enter an email address in you will receive tons and tons of spam so do not I repeat DO NOT use your own personal email to complete offers. Of course you must use your real email to sign up for the actual Gifts4Points site because prizes such as gift or gamer cards are emailed to you directly. So after you enter an email address their is usually a page asking for your information. Use whatever name you like but make sure the address and phone number you put in are valid. You can use this site: to see if the address you put in is valid.

2. The Advertisements
This is the part that is most confusing to new users in my opinion.
After you have signed up with valid information you will be prompted to sign up for any other additional offers you may want. You can do the offers you are truly interested in, but i recommend you not to because it slows down the process of receiving your points. The more points an offer has the longer you have to surf through the ads. On each page there is a "skip" or "next" option. Click these to go onto the next ad. When you arrive at a long list of advertisements with the option of choosing "yes" or "no" make at least 1-2 of them "yes" and the rest "no". Then when you press "submit" or "ok" just continue on and press "skip" or "next".

Here's a Picture:

3. The Rewards Page
After you have gone through all the ads a final rewards page appears. It says that you should complete 2-4 of the offers below to claim your prize or something along those lines. You don't actually have to complete the offers, just click on them and leave them open. If the page asks you to complete 2 offers click 3 of them. There is usually a Silver/Gold/Platinum page. Just click one more than the requested offers on each page. If there is an option on the last page for bonus offers click the link and then click on one bonus offer. Leave all pages up from 2-5 minutes and you should be credited. If you don't get credited just try to do it again later.

Things you should do
-Clear Cookies before each offer(Ctrl+Shift+Delete on firefox)
-Create Spam Email (I recommend yahoo or gmail)
-Let each page of the offer load completely before moving on

Other Methods
Besides doing surveys/offers Gifts4Points also has a PTC option (Pay to Click). PTC is the easiest method in the world to get some easy points. In most cases all you have to do is navigate through the Gifts4Points website and come to the PTC offers. Click on an offer, click on a sponsored link within the offer, and you should be credited in approximately 24 hours. Easy huh?

If you want proof check out the Testimonials.

Well this concludes my spiel. If you have any question, comments, or concerns please post on the User Comments page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Until then Happy Earnings!

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